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Bl(moo)ing North

The art of joining

Co-operation with a common aim, can bring you far. An annual but small budget is available in Amsterdam North to promote art in the districts. That small amount of money has to be shared by several projects and institutions. It will be no surprise that the expected aims are often not met or stay hidden for the outer world. It is the virtue of Han Ewoldt, who passed away unexpectedly last year, but stood for many an art project in the districts, that he ended this spreading of budget and joined the forces.
versnippeHer urged artists and representatives of welfare services to join hands. With the motto "Art into the districts" a large co-operative project was started. A project with results visible for all, supported by all, residents, community centres, schools and artists alike. The time was ripe to do so. Nieuwendam stands on the eve of radical changes. To inject new life into this part of town hundreds of houses will be demolished. Several services and schools will move to new housings and the shopping centre Waterlandplein will rise again in a new modern shape. But also squares, streets, lanes and roads will not be forgotten in this operation. Besides the population has changed dramatically over the last two decades and is still changing. Nieuwendam counts more and more newcomers, immigrants form all quarters of the world, who often are not very acquainted to their new surroundings. The project should give expression to all these changes in Nieuwendam. It should encourage the contact between populations, living so much apart right now. Everybody agreed to that aim, but how can it be reached? There was a search for a common symbol for both the old and the new Nieuwendam, recognisable for everyone, unrespected their background and origin. It became the cow. As to remind ...

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