Rik Mars
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WereldBoe: Moo in forty languages

At first glance she looks like the Troyan horse. A wooden four-footed animal on wheels. But the wood does not hide any treacherous content. A group residents, guided by artist Rik Mars, choose to cover the steel frame with wood. On the wooden skin the word "moo" appears in no less than forty languages, starting with the Dutch 'boe' and continuing with 'buu, mow, muh, moeuw, mö', etc. Even braille is not forgotten. Black painted wooden knobs. More, the letters of the words are painted in the colours of the national flags. The Turkish 'moc', for cow, for instance, can be seen in red and white. With this cow the presence of so many languages and cultures in Amsterdam North is represented.
versnippe Six people worked on this project, four men and two women. One of the participants, Adri Krauwel, was surprised to discover that some of her neighbours could not spell the word Moo in their own language. The are illiterate and have never been to school. Adri has come to the understanding how difficult it must be for those people to learn ...
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