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Garden fence

Waves without water

The ground level in my village is about one and a half meter below sea level. Without dikes water would surge all around the house. The fence depicts this. The wave-line varies in wave-length and amplitude. It seems as if the waves subside away from the entrance.

The fence is made out of chestnut (Castanea sativa) poles. This wood does not need any protection. The poles have a lens-shaped cross section. They got their shape in twins by inverting half poles during the turning. To turn these poles I build a special head for my lathe. It has a hollow main shaft, big enough to put the poles through. For the main bearings I uses former wheel bearings from a railway car. The housing of these bearing I turned from logs of red ironwood.

I built the fence in 1998.
Dimensions: maximum height 90 cm, total length of the fence 15 m.