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A recycling project. Rik Mars, Stoet ... Rik Mars, Stoet ... Rik Mars,
The timber .(Azobé, Lophira alata) .was first used many years as a
gate in the moors of Waterland. That .left .its .traces, .like .colouring
of the wood, .rot and old bores for bolts. .It gives the .seven .figures
of the object .Procession. an extra dimension. Rik Mars, Stoet ... R
Originally the figures were polished and varnished. They have been
exhibited that way ...Rik Mars, Stoet ... Rik Mars, Stoet ... Rik i Next

Dimensions: Diameter 20 cm, from 30 to 80 cm tall.


The start of the becoming of Procession.