Rik Mars
Back Carved shield, Zimbabwe


The shield shows five tiers, each tier depicting a scene below shadowing trees. The tiers are separated by a stripe with zigzag decoration, similar to the decorations in the centuries old masonry walls, which can still be found in Zimbabwe.

The top tier shows to the right the ruins of Great Zimbabwe with their beautiful masonry work. The mysterious conical tower within the great enclosure can be recognised. In the centre a bird of prey is killing a lizard. To the left a pile of rocks, a common sight in southern Zimbabwe. All the scenery shaded by acacias.

The fourth tier shows Kudu's in a savanne bush. To the left a flying bird in a dive.

On the third tier the emblem of Zimbabwe's National Parks can be seen: an Antelope in a shield, crowned by the old totem of a bird from the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The shield is carried by two elephants. Again trees throw their shadow on the scene while two birds fly by and one is clapping the wings.

Three Sable antelopes with their long curves horns and a flight of birds show up on the second tier.

On the bottom tier again a herd of Kudu's, among which a male one with beautifully twisted horns. Their ears are big and turned towards the visitor, their tails swaying nervously.

Dimensions: 119 x 32 x 7 cm